[ ep-i-kahr-dee-uh m ]
/ ˌɛp ɪˈkɑr di əm /

noun, plural ep·i·car·di·a [ep-i-kahr-dee-uh] /ˌɛp ɪˈkɑr di ə/. Anatomy.

the inner serous layer of the pericardium, lying directly upon the heart.

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Origin of epicardium

From New Latin, dating back to 1860–65; see origin at epi-, -cardium

Related formsep·i·car·di·al, ep·i·car·di·ac, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for epicardia


/ (ˌɛpɪˈkɑːdɪəm) /

noun plural -dia (-dɪə)

anatomy the innermost layer of the pericardium, in direct contact with the heart
Derived Formsepicardiac or epicardial, adjective

Word Origin for epicardium

C19: New Latin, from epi- + Greek kardia heart

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Medicine definitions for epicardia


[ ĕp′ĭ-kärdē-ə ]


The lower portion of the esophagus extending through the diaphragm to the stomach.


[ ĕp′ĭ-kärdē-əm ]

n. pl. ep•i•car•di•a (-dē-ə)

The inner layer of the pericardium that is in contact with the surface of the heart.visceral layer
Related formsep′i•cardi•al adj.

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