/ (ˈɛstɪˌmeɪtə) /

  1. a person or thing that estimates

  2. statistics a derived random variable that generates estimates of a parameter of a given distribution, such as ̄X, the mean of a number of identically distributed random variables X i . If ̄X is unbiased, ̄x, the observed value should be close to E (X i): See also sampling statistic

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How to use estimator in a sentence

  • Mr. Reivers was a foreman for the company that my father was estimator for.

    The Snow-Burner | Henry Oyen
  • The estimator of Destinies wheeled in his chair and cast a look of brotherly frankness into Ruggss eyes.

    Atlantic Narratives | Mary Antin
  • The school uses the term "Range estimator" when applied to an individual.

    Military Instructors Manual | James P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker
  • The estimator and his work; forms to use; general rules for estimating.

    The Uses of Italic | Frederick W. Hamilton
  • My father was a timber-estimator before 20 he was hurt, and naturally we had to live close to the woods.

    The Snow-Burner | Henry Oyen