[ yoor-i-klee-uh, yur- ]

  1. (in the Odyssey) the nurse of Telemachus who recognized the disguised Odysseus by a scar on his leg.

  • Also Eu·ry·cli·a [yoor-i-klahy-uh, yur-]. /ˌyʊər ɪˈklaɪ ə, ˌyɜr-/.

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How to use Euryclea in a sentence

  • Euryclea did as she was told and closed the doors of the women's apartments.

    The Odyssey | Homer
  • Nevertheless, Euryclea, take his bed outside the bed chamber that he himself built.

    The Odyssey | Homer
  • Euryclea did as she was told, and bolted the women inside their room.

    The Odyssey | Homer
  • And when this was done, that Euryclea, the nurse, should go to Penelop and tell her that her husband was indeed returned.

    Stories of the Old world | Alfred John Church
  • She then desired the old nurse Euryclea to provide him with suitable raiment and to attend to all his wants.