[ ih-van-juh-lahyz ]
/ ɪˈvæn dʒəˌlaɪz /

verb (used with object), e·van·ge·lized, e·van·ge·liz·ing.

to preach the gospel to.
to convert to Christianity.

verb (used without object), e·van·ge·lized, e·van·ge·liz·ing.

to preach the gospel; act as an evangelist.

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Also especially British, e·van·ge·lise.

Origin of evangelize

1350–1400; Middle English evangelisen < Late Latin evangelizāre < Late Greek euangelízein. See evangel1, -ize

Related formse·van·ge·li·za·tion, noune·van·ge·liz·er, nounun·e·van·ge·lized, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for evangelize



/ (ɪˈvændʒɪˌlaɪz) /


to preach the Christian gospel or a particular interpretation of it (to)
(intr) to advocate a cause with the object of making converts
Derived Formsevangelization or evangelisation, nounevangelizer or evangeliser, noun

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Word Origin and History for evangelize



late 14c., from Old French evangeliser "to spread or preach the Gospel," and directly from Medieval Latin or Late Latin evangelizare, from Greek euangelizesthai (see evangelist). Related: Evangelized; evangelizing; evangelization.

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