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  1. being one of a group or series taken collectively; each: We go there every day.

  2. all possible; the greatest possible degree of: every prospect of success.

Idioms about every

  1. every bit, in every respect; completely: This is every bit as good as she says it is.

  2. every now and then, on occasion; from time to time: She bakes her own bread every now and then.: Also every once in a while, every so often.

  1. every other, every second; every alternate: milk deliveries every other day.

  2. every which way, in all directions; in disorganized fashion: I brushed against the table, and the cards fell every which way.

Origin of every

First recorded in 1125–75; Middle English every, everich, Old English ǣfre ǣlc, literally “ever each” (the first element of the phrase reinforcing the second); see ever, each

synonym study For every

1. See each.

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How to use every in a sentence

  • The distant sound, coming from the world of men and every-day affairs, seemed to break the spell.

    Uncanny Tales | Various
  • In like manner we perceive marks of design and intelligence in the countless contrivances and instruments used in every-day life.

    Gospel Philosophy | J. H. Ward
  • True politeness, as I understand it, is kindness and courtesy of feeling brought into every-day exercise.

British Dictionary definitions for every


/ (ˈɛvrɪ) /

  1. each one (of the class specified), without exception: every child knows it

  2. (not used with a negative) the greatest or best possible: every hope of success

  1. each: used before a noun phrase to indicate the recurrent, intermittent, or serial nature of a thing: every third day; every now and then; every so often

  2. every bit (used in comparisons with as) quite; just; equally: every bit as funny as the other show

  3. every other each alternate; every second: every other day

  4. every which way

    • in all directions; everywhere: I looked every which way for you

    • US and Canadian from all sides: stones coming at me every which way

Origin of every

C15 everich, from Old English ǣfre ǣlc, from ǣfre ever + ǣlc each

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