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[ kuhm-pleet-lee ]


  1. to the whole amount or extent; fully:

    Although the river never dries up completely, there are times when the water is barely a trickle.

  2. thoroughly; totally:

    I was so completely disoriented by the chiming of Big Ben as I stood below it that I walked into someone with my ice cream.

    Great storytelling and successful social media campaigns are completely interconnected.

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Other Words From

  • qua·si-com·plete·ly adverb
  • sub·com·plete·ly adverb
  • un·com·plete·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

In that sense, the album’s auditory shift toward total pop feels like a completely necessary response to a very difficult year — and indeed, it’s intended to be.

From Vox

The team's third point guard, Sheppard said, must be equally as capable for those nights Wall rests completely.

It can keep for up to six months in the freezer if completely covered in a layer of fat.

Yet given that the show’s mantra has always been “family don’t end with blood,” and that Sam and Dean’s “family” has always included Castiel, it’s a sad thing to see actor Misha Collins left completely out of the final episode.

From Vox

If it’s a matter of your being wiped out one evening and just wanting to stream movies in bed, then I’d share your frustration completely at being treated as a hostile force for this simple indulgence.

Any plans to grow her exercise movement must, she insists, remain “completely organic.”

He has wild swings between trying not to care about Lana and the baby, and being completely obsessed by it.

We have reached a tipping point where mega donors completely dominate the landscape.

Completed in 1953 and composed with standard line breaks and punctuation, the book was completely ignored upon submission.

Cook, stirring often, for 10 minutes or until the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture is smooth.

The vision—it had been an instantaneous flash after all and nothing more—had left his mind completely for the time.

Woman is mistress of the art of completely embittering the life of the person on whom she depends.

From the point of view of cover, the gold certificate is completely inelastic.

It was a difficulty foreseen long ago in Socialist discussions, but never completely met by the thorough-paced Communist.

A border feud at Reedsquair, between the English and Scottish marchmen, in which the former were completely beaten.


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