[ ab-suh-loot-lee, ab-suh-loot- ]
/ ˌæb səˈlut li, ˈæb səˌlut- /


without exception; completely; wholly; entirely: You are absolutely right.
positively; certainly.
(of a transitive verb) without an object.


(used emphatically to express complete agreement or unqualified assent): Do you think it will work? Absolutely!

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Origin of absolutely

First recorded in 1525–35; absolute + -ly

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/ (ˌæbsəˈluːtlɪ) /


in an absolute manner, esp completely or perfectly

sentence substitute

yes; certainly; unquestionably
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Word Origin and History for absolutely



late 14c., "unconditionally, completely," from absolute (adj.) + -ly (2). From mid-15c. as "without reference to anything else, not relatively;" meaning "to the utmost degree" emerged by mid-16c. As a colloquial emphatic in American English, it is attested from 1892.

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