[ik-skres-uh nt]
  1. growing abnormally out of something else; superfluous.
  2. Phonetics. (of a speech sound) inserted or added as a result of articulatory interaction or impetus, as the t-sound in sense (sents) or against (from Middle English ageynes), without grammatical or historical justification; intrusive; parasitic.

Origin of excrescent

1600–10; < Latin excrēscent- (stem of excrēscēns), present participle of excrēscere to grow out. See ex-1, crescent
Related formsex·cres·cent·ly, adverbsu·per·ex·cres·cent, adjectivesu·per·ex·cres·cent·ly, adverbun·ex·cres·cent, adjectiveun·ex·cres·cent·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for excrescent


  1. denoting, relating to, or resembling an abnormal outgrowth
  2. uselessly added; not essential; superfluous
  3. denoting or relating to a speech sound or letter inserted into a word without etymological justification, such as the b in nimble
Derived Formsexcrescently, adverb

Word Origin for excrescent

C17: from Latin excrēscēns, from excrēscere, from crēscere to grow
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Word Origin and History for excrescent

mid-15c., from Latin excrescentem (nominative excrescens), present participle of excrescere (see excrescence).

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excrescent in Medicine


  1. Growing out abnormally, excessively, or superfluously.
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