[ ek-si-druh, ek-see- ]
/ ˈɛk sɪ drə, ɛkˈsi- /

noun, plural ex·e·drae [ek-si-dree, ek-see-dree] /ˈɛk sɪˌdri, ɛkˈsi dri/.

(in ancient Greece and Rome) a room or covered area open on one side, used as a meeting place.
a permanent outdoor bench, semicircular in plan and having a high back.
Also exhedra.

Origin of exedra

1700–10; < Latin: hall furnished with seats < Greek exédra (covered) walk with seats, equivalent to ex- ex-3 + (h)édra seat, bench


ex·e·dral, adjective
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Examples from the Web for exedrae

  • But in the case of exedrae or square oeci, let the height be brought up to one and one half times the width.

  • Picture galleries, like exedrae, should be constructed of generous dimensions.

  • The exedrae were rooms supplied with permanent seats which seem to have been used for lectures and similar entertainments.

    The Private Life of the Romans|Harold Whetstone Johnston
  • In summer apartments and in exedrae where there is no smoke nor soot to hurt them, they should be made in relief.

British Dictionary definitions for exedrae

/ (ˈɛksɪdrə, ɛkˈsiː-) /


a building, room, portico, or apse containing a continuous bench, used in ancient Greece and Rome for holding discussions
an outdoor bench in a recess

Word Origin for exedra

C18: via Latin from Greek, from hedra seat
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