[ ek-sawr-siz-uh m, -ser- ]
/ ˈɛk sɔrˌsɪz əm, -sər- /


the act or process of exorcising.
the ceremony or the formula used in exorcising: An elaborate exorcism was pronounced over the sick man.

Origin of exorcism

1350–1400; Middle English exorcisme (< Old French) < Medieval Latin < Greek exorkismós administration of an oath. See exorcise, -ism

Related forms

ex·or·cis·mal [ek-sawr-siz-muh l, ‐ser] /ˌɛk sɔrˈsɪz məl, ‐sər/, ex·or·ci·so·ry [ek-sawr-sahy-zuh-ree, ‐ser] /ˈɛk sɔrˈsaɪ zə ri, ‐sər/, ex·or·cis·ti·cal, ex·or·cis·tic, adjective
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