[ ik-sploh-siv ]
/ ɪkˈsploʊ sɪv /


tending or serving to explode: an explosive temper; Nitroglycerin is an explosive substance.
pertaining to or of the nature of an explosion: explosive violence.
likely to lead to violence or hostility: an explosive issue.
Phonetics. plosive.


an explosive agent or substance, as dynamite.
Phonetics. plosive.

Origin of explosive

First recorded in 1660–70; explos(ion) + -ive

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/ (ɪkˈspləʊsɪv) /


of, involving, or characterized by an explosion or explosions
capable of exploding or tending to explode
potentially violent or hazardous; dangerousan explosive situation
phonetics another word for plosive


a substance that decomposes rapidly under certain conditions with the production of gases, which expand by the heat of the reaction. The energy released is used in firearms, blasting, and rocket propulsion
a plosive consonant; stop

Derived Forms

explosively, adverbexplosiveness, noun
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