Federal Government


  1. the national government of a federated state, such as that of Australia located in Canberra

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Example Sentences

And so it was that the federal government did not shut down just when we all had visions of sugar plumbs dancing in our heads.

“I wanted to know [then] which side the federal government was on,” said Lewis.

Waivers were also encouraged by states and the federal government who saw them, rightly, as a cost-cutting measure.

It remains a Schedule I narcotic to this day, considered as dangerous and addictive by the federal government as heroin and MDMA.

Over the last fifty years, the federal government spent an astounding $2 trillion on education.

History gives them scant notice, and the Federal government has failed to reward them as they deserve.

The federal government also has three courts corresponding somewhat to the courts established by the states.

Non-resident aliens can acquire no rights incident to residence here except as permitted by the federal government.

The Federal Government has offered a reward of one thousand dollars each for the capture of Dangerfield or any of his gang.

The major objective of the Federal government became a clearcut one, namely, to capture Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy.





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