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  1. a female given name, form of Felicia.
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Also Fe·lic·i·ta [fi-lis-i-tuh] /fɪˈlɪs ɪ tə/.
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Historical Examples

  • He would be gone several days, but Felicita would stay here.

    Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew

    Robert McReynolds

  • I had never mentioned to Don Julian or Felicita his manner of life.

  • I was certain now that it was Felicita, for they were driving at full speed.

  • I requested Felicita to play for us and time passed quickly.

  • I demanded, “quick, I say,” but he could only gasp “Felicita!”

British Dictionary definitions for felicita


noun plural -ties
  1. happiness; joy
  2. a cause of happiness
  3. an appropriate expression or style
  4. the quality or display of such expressions or style
  5. philosophy appropriateness (of a speech act). The performative I appoint you ambassador can only possess felicity if uttered by one in whom the authority for such appointments is vested
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Word Origin

C14: from Latin fēlīcitās happiness, from fēlix happy
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Word Origin and History for felicita



late 14c., from Old French felicite (14c.) "happiness," from Latin felicitatem (nominative felicitas) "happiness, fertility," from felix (genitive felicis) "happy, fortunate, fruitful, fertile," from Latin root *fe-, equivalent of PIE *dhe(i)- "to suck, suckle, produce, yield" (see fecund).

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