/ (ˈfaɪəˌwɜːks) /

pl n
  1. a show in which large numbers of fireworks are let off simultaneously

  2. informal an exciting or spectacular exhibition, as of musical virtuosity or wit

  1. informal a burst of temper

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How to use fireworks in a sentence

  • Then there was dancing and singing under the palm-trees by old and young, and when evening came there were displays of fireworks.

  • To make matters worse it was discovered that the paper wrappings of the fireworks in the box were on fire.

  • It was about ten years before the Civil War that “set pieces” began to form a part of fireworks celebrations.

  • fireworks now enter into the celebration of every important event in our national, political and business life.

  • It is the tumult of the innumerable sight-seers walking about under the illumination and waiting for the fireworks display.

    Balsamo, The Magician | Alexander Dumas