/ (ˈfɪstɪˌkʌfs) /

pl n
  1. combat with the fists

Origin of fisticuffs

C17: probably from fisty with the fist + cuff ²

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How to use fisticuffs in a sentence

  • It had been many years since anybody on the Wabash had dared Deacon Klegg to a match in fisticuffs.

  • He engaged it wildly at fisticuffs; pounded it upon the countenance and drove it away.

    Ramsey Milholland | Booth Tarkington
  • Gus leaped up, forgetting the fright after his last fisticuffs.

    Radio Boys Loyalty | Wayne Whipple
  • Some gaming and some drinking, while on the forecastle two men were settling a dispute at fisticuffs.

    Richard Carvel, Complete | Winston Churchill
  • But the other dropped at the interruption, turned upon Turnbull and began a battering bout of fisticuffs.

    The Ball and The Cross | G.K. Chesterton