[ flaj-uh-luhnt, fluh-jel-uhnt ]
/ ˈflædʒ ə lənt, fləˈdʒɛl ənt /


a person who flagellates or scourges himself or herself for religious discipline.
a person who derives sexual pleasure from whipping or being whipped by another person.
(often initial capital letter) one of a medieval European sect of fanatics who practiced scourging in public.


severely criticizing: a flagellant attack on the opposition party.

Origin of flagellant

1555–65; <Latin flagellant- (stem of flagellāns) whipping, present participle of flagellāre.See flagellum, -ant


flag·el·lant·ism, noun
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flagellator (ˈflædʒɪˌleɪtə)

/ (ˈflædʒɪlənt, fləˈdʒɛlənt) /


a person who whips himself or others either as part of a religious penance or for sexual gratification
(often capital) (in medieval Europe) a member of a religious sect who whipped themselves in public

Derived forms of flagellant

flagellantism, noun

Word Origin for flagellant

C16: from Latin flagellāre to whip, from flagellum
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