/ (ˈflænərɪ) /

  1. Tim, full name Timothy Fridtjof Flannery . born 1956, Australian zoologist, palaeontologist and environmentalist. His books include The Weather Makers (2006)

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How to use Flannery in a sentence

  • Red spots shot onto Flannery's cheeks and one of the artificial arms jerked back as savagely as a real one.

    Victory | Lester del Rey
  • Duke considered it, but he could see no way Flannery could either learn or act in advance of the arrival of the ship on Earth.

    Victory | Lester del Rey
  • He'd been a fool to think Flannery would bother with him, just as he'd been a fool to turn down Queeth's offer.

    Victory | Lester del Rey
  • "I wouldn't call our friends vassals, or say the system was jury-rigged," Flannery objected.

    Victory | Lester del Rey
  • Flannery swung to the control board that served as his desk, and his fingers seemed to play idly with the dials.

    Victory | Lester del Rey