verb (used without object)
  1. to become flat.
Verb Phrases
  1. flatten in, Nautical. flat1(def 61).
  2. flatten out, Aeronautics. to fly into a horizontal position, as after a dive.

Origin of flatten

First recorded in 1620–30; flat1 + -en1
Related formsflat·ten·er, nouno·ver·flat·ten, verb (used with object)un·flat·tened, adjective

Synonyms for flatten

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British Dictionary definitions for flattener


  1. (sometimes foll by out) to make or become flat or flatter
  2. (tr) informal
    1. to knock down or injure; prostrate
    2. to crush or subduefailure will flatten his self-esteem
  3. (tr) music to lower the pitch of (a note) by one chromatic semitoneUsual US word: flat
  4. (intr foll by out) to manoeuvre an aircraft into horizontal flight, esp after a dive
Derived Formsflattener, noun
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Word Origin and History for flattener



late 14c., "to prostrate oneself," also "to fall flat," from flat (adj.) + -en (1). Meaning "to make flat" is 1620s. Related: Flattened; flattening.

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