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noun, plural flum·mer·ies.
  1. oatmeal or flour boiled with water until thick.
  2. fruit custard or blancmange usually thickened with cornstarch.
  3. any of various dishes made of flour, milk, eggs, sugar, etc.
  4. complete nonsense; foolish humbug.

Origin of flummery

1615–25; < Welsh llymru, with ending assimilated to -ery
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noun plural -meries
  1. informal meaningless flattery; nonsense
  2. mainly British a cold pudding of oatmeal, etc

Word Origin for flummery

C17: from Welsh llymru
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Word Origin and History for flummery

1620s, a type of coagulated food, from Welsh llymru "sour oatmeal jelly boiled with the husks," of uncertain origin. Figurative use, of flattery, empty talk, is from 1740s.

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