[ foh-lee-uhm ]
/ ˈfoʊ li əm /
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noun, plural fo·li·a [foh-lee-uh]. /ˈfoʊ li ə/.
a thin leaflike stratum or layer; a lamella.
Geometry. a loop; part of a curve terminated at both ends by the same node. Equation: x3 + y3 = 3axy.
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Origin of folium

1840–50; <New Latin, Latin: literally, a leaf
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How to use folium in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for folium

/ (ˈfəʊlɪəm) /

noun plural -lia (-lɪə)
a plane geometrical curve consisting of a loop whose two ends, intersecting at a node, are asymptotic to the same line. Standard equation: x ³ + y ³=3a xy where x = y +a is the equation of the line
any thin leaflike layer, esp of some metamorphic rocks

Word Origin for folium

C19: from Latin, literally: leaf
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Scientific definitions for folium

[ fōlē-əm ]

Plural folia
A thin, leaflike layer or stratum occurring especially in metamorphic rock.
A plane cubic curve having a single loop, a node, and two ends asymptotic to the same line. Also called folium of Descartes
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