fool around

Also, monkey around. Engage in idle or casual activity, putter. For example, Jim loved to fool around with his computer, or She was monkeying around with some figures in hopes of balancing the budget. [Second half of 1800s]

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How to use fool around in a sentence

  • Charlie an Ned are both old duffers like me; but you cant fool around a horses legs without making him nervous.

  • I'll take him over to Nassau, and you can fool around for the next month or so.

    Pieces of Eight | Richard le Gallienne
  • I only hope they'll fool around in the vicinity until that schooner comes back and captures every one!

    A Runaway Brig; | James Otis
  • Some people get up and fool around in the dark so they can grumble at the lack of sunshine.

    Oklahoma Sunshine | Freeman E. (Freeman Edwin) Miller