[ fyoo-kuh s ]
/ ˈfyu kəs /

noun, plural fu·ci [fyoo-sahy] /ˈfyu saɪ/, fu·cus·es.

any olive-brown seaweed or alga of the genus Fucus, having branching fronds and often air bladders.

Origin of fucus

1590–1600; < Latin < Greek phŷkos orchil, red color, rock lichen, rouge
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/ (ˈfjuːkəs) /

noun plural -ci (-saɪ) or -cuses

any seaweed of the genus Fucus, common in the intertidal regions of many shores and typically having greenish-brown slimy frondsSee also wrack 2 (def. 2)

Word Origin for fucus

C16: from Latin: rock lichen, from Greek phukos seaweed, dye, of Semitic origin
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