[ fuh-ged-uh-bou-tit ]

  1. contraction of forget about it (used especially to emphasize improbability, and often used as an interjection): If you think you’re getting more money, fuggedaboutit!

Origin of fuggedaboutit

First recorded in 1985–90
  • Also fuh·ged·da·boud·it, fug·ged·a·boud·it [fuh-ged-uh-bou-dit] /fəˈgɛd əˌbaʊ dɪt/ .
  • Sometimes for·ged·a·boud·it, for·ged·da·boud·it [fer-ged-uh-bou-dit] /fərˈgɛd əˌbaʊ dɪt/ .

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