[ fur-fer ]
/ ˈfɜr fər /
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noun, plural fur·fur·es [fur-fyuh-reez, -fuh-]. /ˈfɜr fyəˌriz, -fə-/.
the formation of flakelike particles on the surface of the skin, as of dandruff.
furfures, these particles.
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Origin of furfur

1615–25; <Latin: bran, scaly infection
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How to use furfur in a sentence

  • The skin disease Pityriasis (tinea) versicolor was shown to be due to the Microsporon furfur by Eichstedt in 1846.

    The Fundamentals of Bacteriology|Charles Bradfield Morrey
  • Where her arms came out of it there was grey furfur round her neck, too, and her close-fitting cap was furry.

    Bliss, and Other Stories|Katherine Mansfield

British Dictionary definitions for furfur

/ (ˈfɜːfə) /

noun plural furfures (ˈfɜːfjʊˌriːz, -fəˌriːz)
a scaling of the skin; dandruff
any scale of the epidermis

Word Origin for furfur

C17: from Latin: bran, scurf
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