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noun, plural gam·ba·dos, gam·ba·does.
  1. a spring or leap by a horse.
  2. a caper or antic.
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Also gam·bade [gam-beyd, -bahd] /gæmˈbeɪd, -ˈbɑd/.

Origin of gambado2

1810–20; probably a pseudo-Spanish alteration of French gambade a leap or spring, perhaps < Provençal cambado, gambado, equivalent to gamb(a) leg (see jamb1) + -ado -ade1
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British Dictionary definitions for gambade


noun plural -dos or -does
  1. either of two leather holders for the feet attached to a horse's saddle-like stirrups
  2. either of a pair of leggings
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Word Origin

C17: from Italian gamba leg, from Late Latin: leg, hoof; see jamb


gambade (ɡæmˈbeɪd, -ˈbɑːd)

noun plural -bados, -badoes or -bades
  1. dressage another word for curvet
  2. a leap or gambol; caper
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Word Origin

C19: from French gambade spring (of a horse), ultimately from Spanish or Italian gamba leg
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