[ zhĕr-măn ]

  1. French mathematician who made significant advances in theoretical mathematics. Her researches into number theory in particular provided the first partial solution to Fermat's last theorem (1820).

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How to use Germain in a sentence

  • One of her humours was to unite the son of her minister, with a niece of the widowed Queen of Saint Germain's.

  • In 1554, Diane, who was ill, begged the king to go to Saint-Germain and leave her for a short time until she recovered.

    Catherine de' Medici | Honore de Balzac
  • The Comte de Saint-Germain was the last of the alchemists who knew how to clearly explain their science; but he left no writings.

    Catherine de' Medici | Honore de Balzac
  • St. Germain's miracles were more interesting than those of, say, his convert Sainte Genevive.

    A Wanderer in Paris | E. V. Lucas
  • St. Germain's church has a little old glass that is charming and much bad new.

    A Wanderer in Paris | E. V. Lucas