[ glahy-uh-din, -dn ]

  1. a prolamin derived from the gluten of grain, as wheat or rye, used chiefly as a nutrient in high-protein diets.

  2. any prolamin.

Origin of gliadin

From the Italian word gliadina, dating back to 1820–30. See glia, -in2
  • Also gli·a·dine [glahy-uh-deen, -din]. /ˈglaɪ əˌdin, -dɪn/.

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British Dictionary definitions for gliadin


gliadine (ˈɡlaɪəˌdiːn, -dɪn)

/ (ˈɡlaɪədɪn) /

  1. a protein of cereals, esp wheat, with a high proline content: forms a sticky mass with water that binds flour into dough: Compare glutelin

Origin of gliadin

C19: from Italian gliadina, from Greek glia glue

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