[ glot-is ]

noun,plural glot·tis·es, glot·ti·des [glot-i-deez]. /ˈglɒt ɪˌdiz/. Anatomy.
  1. the opening at the upper part of the larynx, between the vocal cords.

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Origin of glottis

1570–80; <New Latin <Greek (Attic ) glōttís, derivative of glôtta tongue (Ionic glôssa;see gloss2)

Other words from glottis

  • glot·tid·e·an [glo-tid-ee-uhn, glaw-], /glɒˈtɪd i ən, glɔ-/, adjective

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How to use glottis in a sentence

  • It hangs as a flexible protective lid over the glottis, and food in being swallowed passes over and about it.

  • On the lower floor of the mouth can be seen the slitlike glottis leading to the lungs.

    A Civic Biology | George William Hunter
  • The tone is ushered in by a slight explosive sound, which is nothing but the well-known stroke of the glottis.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor
  • As a rule they instruct their pupils to attack every tone, throughout all their practising, with the stroke of the glottis.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor
  • The glottis-closing muscles are too weak to oppose their action to the force of a powerful expiration.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor

British Dictionary definitions for glottis


/ (ˈɡlɒtɪs) /

nounplural -tises or -tides (-tɪˌdiːz)
  1. the vocal apparatus of the larynx, consisting of the two true vocal cords and the opening between them

Origin of glottis

C16: from New Latin, from Greek glōttis, from glōtta, Attic form of Ionic glōssa tongue; see gloss ²

Derived forms of glottis

  • glottidean (ɡlɒˈtɪdɪən), adjective

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Scientific definitions for glottis


[ glŏtĭs ]

Plural glottises glottides (glŏtĭ-dēz′)
  1. The part of the larynx that contains the vocal cords and the space between them.

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