[ glin ]

  1. Elinor, 1864–1943, English writer.

  2. Also Glyn·is [glin-is], /ˈglɪn ɪs/, Glynn, Glynne. a male or female given name.

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How to use Glyn in a sentence

  • Then he slept, brokenly, waking at intervals to mutter "Damn it——" and to think of her again where she lay, far up Glyn Iago.

    Mushroom Town | Oliver Onions
  • There seemed to be no wind, but the great country of white cloud up aloft had advanced, and a soft gloom filled the Glyn.

    Mushroom Town | Oliver Onions
  • It was a little longer, but it avoided all possibility of meeting the Glyn Williams anywhere in the village.

    A Fortunate Term | Angela Brazil
  • Mr. Glyn Williams wanted a sort of 'Cleopatra's needle' and nearly carried the committee.

    A Fortunate Term | Angela Brazil
  • The change is already apparent in the poems of Lewis Glyn Cothi and others.