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extinct gigantic mammal, 1838, irregularly formed from Greek glyptos "engraved" (verbal adjective of glyphein; see glyph) + odon (genitive odontos) "tooth" (see tooth).

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Historical Examples

  • The glyptodon is known to have been more than eleven feet in length, and his near-kinsman, the chlamydothere, was even larger.

    The Human Side of Animals

    Royal Dixon

  • A primitive genus also appears to be Peltephilus, which is perhaps rather an Armadillo than a Glyptodon.

  • The descending process of the zygomatic arch is not so extraordinarily exaggerated as it is in Glyptodon.

  • Both feet are here four-toed, while in Glyptodon the hind-feet are five-toed and the fore-feet four-toed.

  • One would have thought from its size and strength that the Glyptodon had been built, like Rome, for eternity.

    Extinct Monsters

    H. N. Hutchinson