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  1. Usually trammels. a hindrance or impediment to free action; restraint: the trammels of custom.
  2. an instrument for drawing ellipses.
  3. Also called tram. a device used to align or adjust parts of a machine.
  4. trammel net.
  5. a fowling net.
  6. a contrivance hung in a fireplace to support pots or kettles over the fire.
  7. a fetter or shackle, especially one used in training a horse to amble.
verb (used with object), tram·meled, tram·mel·ing or (especially British) tram·melled, tram·mel·ling.
  1. to involve or hold in trammels; restrain.
  2. to catch or entangle in or as in a net.

Origin of trammel

1325–75; Middle English tramayle < Middle French tramail, variant of tremail three-mesh net < Late Latin trēmaculum, equivalent to Latin trē(s) three + macula mesh
Related formstram·mel·er; especially British, tram·mel·ler, nounun·tram·meled, adjectiveun·tram·melled, adjective

Synonyms for trammel

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Examples from the Web for untrammeled

Contemporary Examples of untrammeled

  • Part of the problem, politicos say, is Rove charting an untrammeled path for a political consultant.

    The Daily Beast logo
    Is the Cult of Karl Rove Over?

    David Freedlander

    November 10, 2012

Historical Examples of untrammeled

  • You, men, are untrammeled and stand a better chance of success than I do.

    Edmond Dants

    Edmund Flagg

  • Into the depths of the untrammeled forest with unguided steps I wandered.

    Tarrano the Conqueror

    Raymond King Cummings

  • Besides, that gives us both one last, untrammeled season in town.

  • He may be untrammeled by convention, but he is clean and brave.

    A Texas Ranger

    William MacLeod Raine

  • Persecutions ceased and the work was allowed to go on untrammeled.

British Dictionary definitions for untrammeled


  1. (often plural) a hindrance to free action or movement
  2. Also called: trammel net a fishing net in three sections, the two outer nets having a large mesh and the middle one a fine mesh
  3. rare a fowling net
  4. US a fetter or shackle, esp one used in teaching a horse to amble
  5. a device for drawing ellipses consisting of a flat sheet of metal, plastic, or wood having a cruciform slot in which run two pegs attached to a beam. The free end of the beam describes an ellipse
  6. (sometimes plural) another name for beam compass
  7. Also called: tram a gauge for setting up machines correctly
  8. a device set in a fireplace to support cooking pots
verb -els, -elling or -elled or US -els, -eling or -eled (tr)
  1. to hinder or restrain
  2. to catch or ensnare
  3. to produce an accurate setting of (a machine adjustment), as with a trammel
Derived Formstrammeller or US trammeler, noun

Word Origin for trammel

C14: from Old French tramail three-mesh net, from Late Latin trēmaculum, from Latin trēs three + macula hole, mesh in a net
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Word Origin and History for untrammeled

also untrammelled, 1795, from un- (1) "not" + past participle of trammel.



mid-14c. (implied in trammeller) "net to catch fish," from Middle French tramail, from Old French (early 13c.), from Late Latin tremaculum, perhaps meaning "a net made from three layers of meshes," from Latin tri- "three" + macula "a mesh" (see mail (2)). Italian tramaglio, Spanish trasmallo are French loan-words.



1530s, originally "to bind up (a corpse);" sense of "hinder, restrain" is from 1727, from trammel (n.). Related: Trammeled; trammeling.

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