go halfway

Also, meet someone halfway. Compromise, give up something for the sake of an agreement. For example, The Smiths are willing to go halfway and pay their share for snow-plowing, or I'll make peace with Nancy if she'll just meet me halfway. [Late 1500s]

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How to use go halfway in a sentence

  • You'll go halfway to meet her and she'll drag you about and pass you off.

    The Tragic Muse | Henry James
  • She might put aside her pride, and go halfway to meet him, and to remove his difficulties and embarrassments.

    My Friend Prospero | Henry Harland
  • Joel and I used to go halfway to the divide, to meet pa when he bought us new boots.

    Wells Brothers | Andy Adams
  • They go halfway down the vase, then their courage fails and they climb up again and rejoin the procession.

    Insect Adventures | J. Henri Fabre
  • If they are really such, the knowledge of them in a well disposed mind will go halfway towards a reform.