[ ground-wurk ]
/ ˈgraʊndˌwɜrk /
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foundation or basis: He laid the groundwork for an international conference.
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Origin of groundwork

First recorded in 1540–50; ground1 + work
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What is groundwork?

Groundwork is a foundation or basis.

Groundwork can describe an actual plot of land for a building or construct, but it can also be used figuratively to describe the beginnings of a negotiation or agreement.

Example: I’m laying the groundwork for a new partnership right now.

Where does groundwork come from?

The first records of the term groundwork come from around 1540. It combines the word ground, the surface of the earth, and work, as in “labor” or “toil.” Literally, groundwork is work done on the ground. Figuratively, it describes the beginning work of a new relationship or something similar.

Some examples of physical groundwork include installing a foundation, marking a claim of land, and removing sod or grass from a section of land. Sometimes groundwork is used to describe the beginning steps of a painting or work of art in which the backgrounds or landscapes are drawn before the subject.

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How is groundwork used in real life?

Groundwork is often used figuratively in everyday conversations.

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Groundwork is the last step in a construction project.

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British Dictionary definitions for groundwork

/ (ˈɡraʊndˌwɜːk) /

preliminary work as a foundation or basis
the ground or background of a painting, etc
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