/ (ɡərn, ɡɜːn) /

  1. (intr) a variant spelling of girn

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How to use gurn in a sentence

  • She had risen, and with white lips and haggard eyes held gurn's hands within her own in an even tighter grip.

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  • "I had to see you to-night, for who knows if to-morrow——" Lady Beltham shrank at the words, but gurn went on unheeding.

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  • Once more alone in the great hall, Lady Beltham waited nervously to hear the sound of the park gate closing behind gurn.

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  • Juve went up the five floors to the flat formerly occupied by gurn, reflecting somewhat moodily.

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  • gurn was walking quickly and alone round the exercise yard, when a breathless voice sounded in his ear.

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