[huh-loh, ha-]

interjection, noun, plural hal·loas, verb (used with or without object), hal·loaed, hal·loa·ing.

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Examples from the Web for halloa

Historical Examples of halloa

  • The yellow man came a step nearer and said, "Halloa, my hearty."

    The House Under the Sea

    Sir Max Pemberton

  • I called to him, and I thought I heard him answer, “Halloa, who calls?”

    Old Jack

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • Halloa, it is Leonard, said the strange workman, to the fugitive.

    The Hero of the People

    Alexandre Dumas

  • So that you could not take a speaking horn and halloa for a barca?

    The Admiral

    Douglas Sladen

  • Then suddenly some one struck something hard, and cried "Halloa!"

    The Maid of Sker

    Richard Doddridge Blackmore