[ huh-loo ]
/ həˈlu /

interjection, noun, plural hal·loos, verb (used with or without object), hal·looed, hal·loo·ing.

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hallo or halloa (həˈləʊ)

/ (həˈluː) /

sentence substitute

a shout to attract attention, esp to call hounds at a hunt

noun plural -loos, -los or -loas

a shout of "halloo"

verb -loos, -looing, -looed, -los, -loing, -loed, -loas, -loaing or -loaed

to shout (something) to (someone)
(tr) to urge on or incite (dogs) with shouts

Word Origin for halloo

C16: perhaps variant of hallow to encourage hounds by shouting
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