or hul·lo

[ huh-loh ]

  1. (used to call or answer someone, or to incite dogs in hunting.)

noun,plural hal·los.
  1. the cry “hallo!”

  2. a shout of exultation.

verb (used without object),hal·loed, hal·lo·ing.
  1. to call with a loud voice; shout; cry, as after hunting dogs.

verb (used with object),hal·loed, hal·lo·ing.
  1. to incite or chase (something) with shouts and cries of “hallo!”

  2. to cry “hallo” to (someone).

  1. to shout (something).

Origin of hallo

First recorded in 1560–70; variant of hollo, itself variant of earlier holla, from Middle French hola, equivalent to ho “ahoy” + la “there”
  • Also hal·loa [huh-loh, ha-], /həˈloʊ, hæ-/, hal·loo [huh-loo], /həˈlu/, hil·lo [hil-oh, hi-loh], /ˈhɪl oʊ, hɪˈloʊ/, hil·loa [hi-loh], /hɪˈloʊ/, hul·loo [huh-loo, huhl-oo] /hʌˈlu, ˈhʌl u/ .

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How to use hallo in a sentence

  • "Two out, play for the batter," came Cheyenne Baxter's warning hallo.

    The Varmint | Owen Johnson
  • Didn't you greet me but now with your impudent 'hallo, Peter!'

    The Reckoning | Robert W. Chambers
  • Her voice carried clearly out over the water but no answering call greeted the “hallo.”

    The Missing Formula | Mildred A. Wirt, AKA Ann Wirt
  • hallo, you two damned slinking dog thieves,” he sung out, as the crowd parted to make way for him.

    A Frontier Mystery | Bertram Mitford
  • I won't say but what, between whiles, we've been pretty lively at Symonds's; and I won't say—hallo!

    The Adventures of Harry Revel | Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

British Dictionary definitions for hallo


/ (həˈləʊ) /

sentence substitute, noun
  1. a variant spelling of hello

sentence substitute, noun, verb
  1. a variant spelling of halloo

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