[ hang-er ]
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  1. a shoulder-shaped frame with a hook at the top, usually of wire, wood, or plastic, for draping and hanging a garment when not in use.

  2. a part of something by which it is hung, as a loop on a garment.

  1. a contrivance on which things are hung, as a hook.

  2. Automotive. a double-hinged device linking the chassis with the leaf springs on vehicles having solid axles.

  3. a light saber of the 17th and 18th centuries, often worn by sailors.

  4. a person who hangs something.

Origin of hanger

1400–50; late Middle English hangere;see hang, -er1

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How to use hanger in a sentence

  • But now, her wealth and finery fled,Her hangers-on cut short all; The doctors found, when she was dead—Her last disorder mortal.

  • There are in use too many kinds of hangers to explain or describe them here.

    Elements of Plumbing | Samuel Dibble
  • The hangers should be so placed that no strain will come on the fitting or the valves.

    Elements of Plumbing | Samuel Dibble
  • In a building constructed of wood, the hangers are secured to the joists.

    Elements of Plumbing | Samuel Dibble
  • To have the pipe in true alignment, the hangers must be hung and placed in line.

    Elements of Plumbing | Samuel Dibble

British Dictionary definitions for hanger


/ (ˈhæŋə) /

    • any support, such as a hook, strap, peg, or loop, on or by which something may be hung

    • a person who hangs something

    • (in combination): paperhanger

  1. a bracket designed to attach one part of a mechanical structure to another, such as the one that attaches the spring shackle of a motor car to the chassis

  2. a wood on a steep hillside, characteristically beech growing on chalk in southern England

    • a loop or strap on a sword belt from which a short sword or dagger was hung

    • the weapon itself

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