[hahr-kuh n]
Related formshark·en·er, noun


or hark·en

[hahr-kuh n]
verb (used without object)
  1. Literary. to give heed or attention to what is said; listen.
verb (used with object)
  1. Archaic. to listen to; hear.

Origin of hearken

1150–1200; Middle English hercnen, Old English he(o)rcnian, suffixed form of assumed *heorcian; see hark, -en1
Related formsheark·en·er, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for harkening


  1. a variant spelling (esp US) of hearken
Derived Formsharkener, noun


sometimes US harken

  1. archaic to listen to (something)
Derived Formshearkener, noun

Word Origin for hearken

Old English heorcnian; see hark
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Word Origin and History for harkening


variant of hearken.



Old English heorcnian, a suffixed form of *heorcian, root of hark; from Proto-Germanic *hausjan (see hear). Harken is the usual spelling in U.S. and probably is better justified by etymology; hearken likely is from influence of hear.

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