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[ kris-tl-uh-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of crystallizing.
  2. a crystallized body or formation.

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Other Words From

  • postcrys·tal·li·zation adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of crystallization1

First recorded in 1655–65; crystall- + -ization
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Example Sentences

Through this cooling process of magma crystallization, mineral grains grow and can trap elements such as uranium that decay over time and produce a sort of stopwatch, recording their age.

The next few months will see the crystallization of a new constitution, as current Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason is poised to become Barbados’ first local head of state as president.

From Ozy

This extra thickness was most likely “the result of early magma ocean crystallization and solidification,” meaning that Mars may have been quickly frozen at a key point in its formative years, the team suggests.

It’s about texture, bulking, caramelization and crystallization… We have a technology that’s going to give you the same sweetness gram for gram.

Barium and sodium salts were made by neutralizing the acid, and were purified by crystallization.

The friendship of the two young men passed into a proverb, a proverb which is the crystallization of history.

It is well to vary the conditions of heat, amount of solvent, and rate of crystallization, to get the best possible results.

The tendency of their crystallization is to restore octahedral and cubical forms.

From it he began the development of a theory of crystallization, using this observation as the key.