[ hahr-ping ]
/ ˈhɑr pɪŋ /

noun Shipbuilding.

any of several horizontal members at the ends of a vessel for holding cant frames in position until the shell planking or plating is attached.
Also har·pin [hahr-pin] /ˈhɑr pɪn/, harp·ins [hahr-pinz] /ˈhɑr pɪnz/.

Origin of harping

1620–30; perhaps harp + -ing1

Related forms

un·harp·ing, adjective
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Examples from the Web for harpin

  • This evil giant, whom may God confound, is named Harpin of the Mountain.

    Four Arthurian Romances|Chretien DeTroyes
  • Harpin Cust now leaned, gracefully attentive, on the back of the empty chair, absently swishing his little whisk broom.

    The Boss of Little Arcady|Harry Leon Wilson
  • Before him was planted Potts, his left foot advanced, his head thrown back, reading to Harpin from a spread page of the Argus.

    The Boss of Little Arcady|Harry Leon Wilson
  • Harpin appeared to be putting the last snipping touches to the Colonel's too-long neglected side-whiskers.

    The Boss of Little Arcady|Harry Leon Wilson