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  1. a combining form representing helicopter in compound words: helidrop; helilift; helitaxi.

Origin of heli-

By analysis of helicopter as heli- (an assumed combining form with -i-) + -copter;cf. copter

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How to use heli- in a sentence

  • For a week, about all Nelsen did was ride along with Huth in the heli.

    The Planet Strappers | Raymond Zinke Gallun
  • The sons of Samuel seem to have been equally as vicious as the sons of Heli, yet Samuel escapes punishment.

    The Bible: what it is | Charles Bradlaugh
  • And Dedi replied, "There is a chest of whetstone in a chamber named the plan-room, in heli-opolis; they are in this chest."

  • The divines feeling this to be a difficulty, have kindly invented a statement that Heli was the father of Mary.

    A Few Words About the Devil | Charles Bradlaugh
  • Since it was still daylight I didn't take a heli, but rented a groundcar instead.

    The Misplaced Battleship | Harry Harrison (AKA Henry Maxwell Dempsey)

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combining form
  1. helicopter: heliport

Origin of heli-

C20: shortened from helicopter

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