[ het-er-uh-nim ]
/ ˈhɛt ər ə nɪm /


a word spelled the same as another but having a different sound and meaning, as lead (to conduct) and lead (a metal).

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Origin of heteronym

From the Late Greek word heterṓnymos, dating back to 1880–85. See hetero-, -onym

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British Dictionary definitions for heteronym


/ (ˈhɛtərəʊˌnɪm) /


one of two or more words pronounced differently but spelt alikethe two English words spelt ``bow'' are heteronyms Compare homograph
Derived Formsheteronymous (ˌhɛtəˈrɒnɪməs), adjectiveheteronymously, adverb

Word Origin for heteronym

C17: from Late Greek heteronumos, from Greek hetero- + onoma name

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Word Origin and History for heteronym



"word having the same spelling as another but with a different sound and meaning," 1880s, also "a thing's name in one language that is an exact translation of its name in another;" from hetero- + -onym "name" (see name). Related: Heteronymic; heteronymous.

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