[hek-sam-er-uh s]
  1. consisting of or divided into six parts.
  2. Zoology. having a radially symmetrical arrangement of organs in six groups.
  3. Botany. having six members in each whorl.

Origin of hexamerous

1855–60; < Late Latin hexamerus < Greek hexámeros of six parts, equivalent to hexa- hexa- + mér(os) share, part + -os adj. suffix (see -ous)
Related formshex·am·er·ism [hek-sam-uh-riz-uh m] /hɛkˈsæm əˌrɪz əm/, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for hexamerous



  1. (esp of the parts of a plant) arranged in groups of six
Derived Formshexamerism, noun
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