Highland Games

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(functioning as singular or plural) a meeting in which competitions in sport, piping, and dancing are held: originating in the Highlands of Scotland
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What are the Highland Games?

The Highland Games are a series of festivals involving sporting and cultural events based on Scottish culture and traditions originating in the Highlands of Scotland.

Events called the Highland Games are held in Scotland as well as many other places internationally.

The Highland Games are especially associated with and known for the sporting competition called the caber toss (a caber is a stripped down tree trunk that looks like a telephone pole). But they typically feature a number of sporting competitions, including track-and-field-style events like races, the hammer throw and the stone put. Cultural aspects include dance performances and other artistic events.

When are the Highland Games?

The Highland Games happen at different times in different parts of Scotland and around the world, typically from May to September.

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In the Middle Ages, the Highlands of Scotland were divided up into familial clans. The Highland Games grew out of small athletic or military gatherings within and between these clans. Some of the strength training and events that clan members participated in eventually led to the modern version of events like the hammer toss, the weight toss, and tossing of the caber.

The clan system was weakened in the 1700s, putting a temporary stop to the gatherings, but the games were revived in the 1800s. Today, there are many different Highland Games events throughout Scotland and in other countries where people have Scottish heritage, including the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

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Events called the Highland Games are held in Scotland and throughout the world in places where people have Scottish heritage. They are especially known for the caber toss event.

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The Highland Games are only held in Scotland.

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