[ hahy-lahyt ]
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verb (used with object),high·light·ed, high·light·ing.
  1. to emphasize or make prominent: The lawsuit against the landlord highlighted the need for a stricter building code.

  2. to mark with a felt-tip highlighter: I started highlighting the text (yellow for important ideas, blue for dates and facts), but I'm not sure it was productive in the long run.

  1. to create highlights in (a photograph or engraving).

  2. to dye (parts of the hair) lighter.

  3. to apply makeup to (the face) in places where light would naturally hit, to create a glowing effect: After blending the foundation, highlight the cheekbones.

  1. Sometimes high light . an important, conspicuous, memorable, or enjoyable event, scene, part, or the like: the highlight of his talk;the highlight of the concert series.

  2. the area of most intense light on a represented form, as in a painting or photograph.

  1. Usually high·lights . a section of hair that has been dyed lighter.

Origin of highlight

An Americanism dating back to 1850–55; high + light1

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British Dictionary definitions for highlight


/ (ˈhaɪˌlaɪt) /

  1. an area of the lightest tone in a painting, drawing, photograph, etc

  2. the most exciting or memorable part of an event or period of time

  1. (often plural) a bleached blond streak in the hair

  1. painting drawing photog to mark (any brightly illuminated or prominent part of a form or figure) with light tone

  2. to bring notice or emphasis to

  1. to be the highlight of

  2. to produce blond streaks in (the hair) by bleaching

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