[ hahy-lahyt ]
/ 藞ha瑟藢la瑟t /
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verb (used with object), high路light路ed, high路light路ing.
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Origin of highlight

An Americanism dating back to 1850鈥55; high + light1
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What does highlight mean?

To highlight something is to emphasize it or make it more prominent, as in Last class, the biology teacher highlighted the material we would need to know for the test.

To highlight also means to mark something on paper with a highlighter. A highlighter is a felt-tipped pen with a soft, translucent color used to mark words and images on a printed page. Many students and readers highlight passages in textbooks and other materials to help them remember the passages better.

A highlight is the best or most prominent part of something. You can often watch the highlights of a sporting event or TV show online. Your study notes might be just the highlights of your teacher鈥檚 lectures, and if you keep a journal or diary, you might only record the highlights of your day.

Example: I try to highlight the best members of a community in my stories.

Where does highlight come from?

The first records of the term highlight come from around the 1850s. It is an Americanism that combines high, meaning 鈥渟trong鈥 or 鈥渋ntense,鈥 and light, meaning 鈥渟omething that gives illumination.鈥

Photography and beauty have specific meanings for highlight. In photography, a highlight is an area of intense light, used to create a desired effect. To highlight is to create such an area. In beauty, you can add highlights, or areas of lighter color, to your hair by dyeing, or highlighting, these areas. You can also add highlights to your face with the use of a makeup that will lighten the area of your face you apply it to in order to create a glowing effect. This, too, is called highlighting, and the makeup is called a highlighter.

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How is highlight used in real life?

Highlights of sporting events and TV shows are very common online, making highlight a common word.



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British Dictionary definitions for highlight

/ (藞ha瑟藢la瑟t) /

an area of the lightest tone in a painting, drawing, photograph, etc
the most exciting or memorable part of an event or period of time
(often plural) a bleached blond streak in the hair
verb (tr)
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