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verb (used without object), hiked, hik·ing.
  1. to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training, or the like.
  2. to move up or rise, as out of place or position (often followed by up): My shirt hikes up if I don't wear a belt.
  3. Nautical. to hold oneself outboard on the windward side of a heeling sailboat to reduce the amount of heel.
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verb (used with object), hiked, hik·ing.
  1. to move, draw, or raise with a jerk (often followed by up): to hike up one's socks.
  2. to increase, often sharply and unexpectedly: to hike the price of milk.
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  1. a long walk or march for recreational activity, military training, or the like.
  2. an increase or rise, often sharp and unexpected: a hike in wages.
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  1. take a hike, Slang. to go away because one's company is not desired.
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Origin of hike

First recorded in 1800–10; perhaps dialectal variant of hitch1
Related formshik·er, noun

Synonyms for hike

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Related Words for hiked

trek, trip, tramp, explore, stroll, jump, lift, boost, traipse, march, ramble, backpack, constitutional, walk, tour, exploration, excursion, walkabout, stump, rove

Examples from the Web for hiked

Contemporary Examples of hiked

Historical Examples of hiked

  • After he had made the cache we'll say that he hiked off to try to find a settlement.

    The Pirate of Panama

    William MacLeod Raine

  • I know because once Daisy and I hiked and hiked, meaning to follow it to the end.

  • And a little while ago she quit Quien Sabe and hiked out to 'Frisco.

    The Octopus

    Frank Norris

  • And we hiked for your house as soon as we landed, added Bert.

  • They got their meat and have hiked out for that island in the river, Chet said, sternly.

British Dictionary definitions for hiked


  1. (intr) to walk a long way, usually for pleasure or exercise, esp in the country
  2. (usually foll by up) to pull or be pulled; hitch
  3. (tr) to increase (a price)
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  1. a long walk
  2. a rise in prices, wages, etc
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Derived Formshiker, noun

Word Origin for hike

C18: of uncertain origin
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Word Origin and History for hiked



1809, hyke "to walk vigorously," an English dialectal word of unknown origin. A yike from 1736 answers to the sense.

HIKE, v. to go away. It is generally used in a contemptuous sense. Ex. "Come, hike," i.e. take yourself off; begone. [Rev. Robert Forby, "The Vocabulary of East Anglia," London, 1830]

Sense of "pull up" (as pants) first recorded 1873 in American English, and may be a variant of hitch; extended sense of "raise" (as wages) is 1867. Related: Hiked; hiking. The noun is from 1865.

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Idioms and Phrases with hiked


see take a hike.

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