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verb (used without object)
  1. to tread or walk with a firm, heavy, resounding step.

  2. to tread heavily or trample (usually followed by on or upon): to tramp on a person's toes.

  1. to walk steadily; march; trudge: They tramped wearily through the night.

  2. to go on a walking excursion or expedition; hike: a beautiful day for tramping through the countryside.

  3. to go about as a vagabond or tramp.

  4. to make a voyage on a tramp steamer.

verb (used with object)
  1. to tramp or walk heavily or steadily through or over.

  2. to traverse on foot: to tramp the streets.

  1. to tread or trample underfoot: to tramp grapes.

  2. to travel over as a tramp.

  3. to run (a ship) as a tramp steamer.

  1. the act of tramping.

  2. a firm, heavy, resounding tread.

  1. the sound made by such a tread.

  2. a long, steady walk; trudge.

  3. a walking excursion or expedition; hike.

  4. a person who travels on foot from place to place, especially a vagabond living on occasional jobs or gifts of money or food.

  5. a sexually promiscuous woman; prostitute.

  6. a freight vessel that does not run regularly between fixed ports, but takes a cargo wherever shippers desire.: Compare cargo liner.

  7. a piece of iron affixed to the sole of a shoe.

Origin of tramp

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English trampen “to walk heavily, stamp”; cognate with Low German trampen, Middle Dutch tramperen “to stamp”; akin to Gothic ana-trimpan “to press hard upon”; see origin at traipse, trample

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  • tramper, noun
  • trampish, adjective
  • tramp·ish·ly, adverb
  • tramp·ish·ness, noun
  • un·tramped, adjective

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[ tramp ]

  1. a trampoline: We learned some wicked pivots on the tramp today.

verb (used without object)
  1. to use a trampoline, especially with a tramp board: These are the boards preferred by professional water skiers who tramp as part of their training.

Origin of tramp

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/ (træmp) /

  1. (intr) to walk long and far; hike

  2. to walk heavily or firmly across or through (a place); march or trudge

  1. (intr) to wander about as a vagabond or tramp

  2. (tr) to make (a journey) or traverse (a place) on foot, esp laboriously or wearily: to tramp the streets in search of work

  3. (tr) to tread or trample

  4. (intr) NZ to walk for sport or recreation, esp in the bush

  1. a person who travels about on foot, usually with no permanent home, living by begging or doing casual work

  2. a long hard walk; hike

  1. a heavy or rhythmic step or tread

  2. the sound of heavy treading

  3. Also called: tramp steamer a merchant ship that does not run between ports on a regular schedule but carries cargo wherever the shippers desire

  4. slang, mainly US and Canadian a prostitute or promiscuous girl or woman

  5. an iron plate on the sole of a boot

Origin of tramp

C14: probably from Middle Low German trampen; compare Gothic ana-trimpan to press heavily upon, German trampen to hitchhike

Derived forms of tramp

  • tramping, noun
  • trampish, adjective

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