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verb (used without object),traipsed, traips·ing.
  1. to walk or go aimlessly or idly or without finding or reaching one's goal: We traipsed all over town looking for a copy of the book.

verb (used with object),traipsed, traips·ing.
  1. to walk over; tramp: to traipse the fields.

  1. a tiring walk.

Origin of traipse

First recorded in 1585–95; earlier trapse, unexplained variant of trape, of disputed origin; perhaps obscurely akin to tramp
  • Older Spelling, trapes .

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How to use traipse in a sentence

  • Goodness knows where you may have dropped it, and if you think I'm going to traipse back you're much mistaken.

    A Patriotic Schoolgirl | Angela Brazil
  • She was a young forty, yet somehow hardly young enough to traipse houseless after him wherever his whim might lead him.

    The Tower of Oblivion | Oliver Onions
  • Women, whose age it is impossible to tell, trail and traipse in front of alleys within which loom greasy, black staircases.

  • “More as two months ve traipse all ofer,” volunteered the latter.

    The Peace of Roaring River | George van Schaick

British Dictionary definitions for traipse


  1. (intr) to walk heavily or tiredly

  1. a long or tiring walk; trudge

Origin of traipse

C16: of unknown origin

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